Carnivore Club: April Box Meat Reveal – Wagyu Beef, Spicy Nduja, and more!!

Carnivore Club: April Box Meat Reveal – Wagyu Beef, Spicy Nduja, and more!!

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Cost: $55 per month

What is Carnivore Club?

Receive an Handcrafted American Pine Iron Branded Keepsake box that houses 4-6 cured meats selections from top artisans. Within a monthly subscription box with Carnivore Club subscribers receive a box of themed cured meats such as: French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky.

April Meats:

#1: ‘Nduja

The most famous and versatile calabrian salami. If you can spread ’Nduja on top of it, it’s usually an improvement. Eat on its own or complement with some cheese like fresh ricotta or burrata, or use it in a pasta sauce base to give it that great savory “umami” taste.

#2: Waygu Beef Salami

Salame Di Manzo Wagyu: 100% Wagyu beef seasoned with fresh thyme black peppercorns and Cabernet. Waygu beef is one of the most expensive types of meat to source. The natural marbling of the highly sought-after meat makes for an exquisite flavor.

#3: Nostrano

The Nostrano is made with Berkshire Pork, pink peppercorns, wine and garlic. Nostrano is a very unique tasting salami – it initially starts with a mouthful of delicate, floral notes and works from subtle to fearless with a bold, peppery finish.

#4: Cacciatorini

Cacciatorini Piccanti (“spicy hunter’s sausage”) is made with Berkshire Picnic shoulder and hand selected Calabrian Chilis. Traditionally, these were made for hunters to throw in their pockets and munch throughout the day. This salami honors the traditional techniques and brings the heat!

#5: Finocchiona

Tuscan style salami made with fennel pollen, fennel seeds, chianti and black pepper.  The powerful anise taste of the fennel is carefully paired with beautiful, premium pork and just the right balance of seasonings to impress your palate without totally overwhelming it.

This Month’s Supplier: Nduja Artisans

Like their namesake spreadable spicy salumi, ‘Nduja Artisans is the perfect balance of fire and flavor. A proprietary blend of Calabrian Peppers and 100% Berkshire Pork highlight their focus on simplicity and quality, while paying homage to the Fiasches’ rich heritage. The success of their ‘Nduja has now afforded Agostino and Antonio the ability to dust off the Fiasche Family recipe book to test and unveil additional hand-made salumi using the absolute best incredients available. You can taste their family tradition with each bite.

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