Carnivore Club: Award Winning Prosciutto!! A Sneak Peek of May’s Box!

Carnivore Club: Award Winning Prosciutto!! A Sneak Peek of May’s Box!

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Cost: $55 per month

What is Carnivore Club?

Receive an Handcrafted American Pine Iron Branded Keepsake box that houses 4-6 cured meats selections from top artisans. Within a monthly subscription box with Carnivore Club subscribers receive a box of themed cured meats such as: French Charcuterie, Italian Salami, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky.

New For May!

Our upcoming month features a box packed to its very limits with six varieties of delicious, traditional charcuterie meats! Chorizo, sopressata, award-winning prosciutto – there’s so much to look forward to in the coming May box!

May’s Featured Supplier: Daniele Foods

Daniele, Inc. has a long history of gourmet food that started over 60 years ago. From their famous Del Duca Prosciutto to their variety of other charcuterie, every product is autentico, made in North America according to time-honored Italian traditions. The Daniele Foods legacy began with its first generation in Italy.

When the second generation of these highly successful meat artisans decided he wanted a challenge, they moved their family and their operations to Rhode Island, USA. Now on their third generation of master craftsmen of beautiful ham products, Daniele Foods has gained awards, recognition, and no small amount of loyalty from the meat-hungry customers they serve both locally and around the world. 

Encore Sale!!

Charcuterie Parisienne Encore Feature – $50

Sometimes a box is so good we just have to give you the chance to get it again.

Charcuterie Parisienne was our February featured artisan and they knocked it out of the park with their box. The highlight of this feature was the Beef Grison, a delicate but bold experience in premium quality beef. The balance between subtle sweetness and savory strength is absolutely exquisite – a fan favourite.

Buy it for yourself, buy it for your friends, whoever you buy it for, it ships within a week!







What do you think of Carnivore Club?


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