The Fantasy Box & Boutique: 20% off Mother’s Day (free PJs)!

The Fantasy Box & Boutique: 20% off Mother’s Day (free PJs)!


The Fantasy Box & Boutique

Cost: Holiday Boxes starting at $99; Special Edition Boxes starting at $65; Subscription Boxes starting at $36/box; Single Boxes starting at $45; Bundles starting at $195


  • Use code MD20 to get 20% off any of the Mother’s Day Boxes
  • Use code MDPJ to get your choice of PJ’s Free with an order of any of the PLATINUM BOXES

What is The Fantasy Box & Boutique?

We all know communication is key to a great relationship, but even the most connected couples find it very hard to talk openly about their fantasies. This is mostly because we’re afraid of our partner’s reaction -of rejection, judgment, hurt feelings-so we just never take the risk. Plus, even if we got past “the talk”, we have to figure out what to do and buy the products; and let’s be honest, going into and adult store or shopping online makes us want to take a shower (and not the sexy kind offered in the boutique today). The Fantasy Box is designed to take all of those “headaches” away and make exploration a fun, sexy, shared adventure:

Consider The Fantasy Box & Boutique your PERSONAL BEDROOM CONCIERGE. A vehicle to help you discover what you like, individually, and as a couple. Their fantasies explore four main dynamics (e.g., sensual, playful, “control” and costume) to help you learn what you want more of and what you’d rather never see again.

And, best of all, if something didn’t work, the blame is entirely theirs. 🙂

The Fantasy Box & Boutique is here to help you take your intimacy to the next level and help you rediscover your relationship, inside the bedroom and out.

ESSENTIALLY, The Fantasy Box & Boutique’s MISSION IS


Mother’s Day!

Being both a great Mother and a hot Mom should both be recognized and appreciated on this special day.
And of course, be celebrated separately. 😉

A gift to tell show her you still find her the sexiest woman in the world, and a set of comfy sexy pjs for her to wear to bed OR 20% off. Your choice (see below).

LIMITED ORDERING TIME (based on delivery)

Two Choices!

Choice 1: Take 20% off of any of these Mother’s Day Boxes


ALL ABOUT HERFeaturing the “Womanizer“, the newest and greatest sex toy on the market, this box has been our fastest seller in company history. All About Her is exactly that. A day of sensual pleasure for her. Finding out what she loves. We’d call that a pretty good Mother’s Day gift. 🙂


THE INDOOR PICNIC – One of our best sellers. Just a romantic evening with the one you love. Some great lingerie, some wine, some snacks, and a little playtime.


THE SPA DATEThe third in our trifect of romantic boxes. The perfect way to show pamper her for the day. Everything you need for a bath, an incredible massage (including some amazing vibrating gloves – if you go Platinum) and some of our little secrets on how to turn your house into your own little massage getaway.

Choice 2: Get Free PJ’s with any PLATINUM ORDER


Which choice will you make? What do you think of The Fantasy Box & Boutique?


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