Treatsie: May Box Review!!

Treatsie: May Box Review!!


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  • $19.95 per box (billed monthly)
  • $18.95 per box (billed $56.85 Quarterly)
  • $16.92 per box (billed $203 Annually)

Shipping: Boxes ship the week after the 15th of each month

 What is Treatsie?

For the culinary wiz and extreme foodie critic, you may find that at home delivery services are everywhere. Treatsie has an amazing venture of sending you artisan treats straight to your home, from caramels to chocolate truffle bars! They boast to find you the “best cookies you’ll ever eat, we’ve discovered some of finest chef-run shops around the country”.

Treatsie also has a gift subscription service!

I received this box courtesy of Treatsie for the purpose of this review!

Awhile ago The Subscriptionist asked me if I’d be interested in doing a review for a Treatsie if they sent me a box and I said of course I’d do one. So, without further ado… Here it is



The Treatsie box is a simple box with its logo stamped on. I like the simple yet classic look of the box. It definitely shouts in a quiet way that what’s in the box is what does all the talking. It’s almost a throwback to a simpler time where things were crafted  rather than manufactured.

The same can be said of the packaging. It’s simply tissue paper wrapped around the contents, held together with a Treatsie logo sticker.

The Gimme Some Sugar card doubles as a contents list for this May Treatsie Box!


Acid Drops Hard Candy by Raley’s Confectionary – An old-fashioned sour candy with plenty of flavor. Assortment contains green apple, orange, cherry and raspberry. These all natural sour candies are good!


Original Caramels by Izard Chocolate – Super soft, buttery bites shine with classic caramel flavor and visible vanilla bean specks. Oh my goodness! These are delicious! They’re not lying when they say they’re super soft either. You can literally pop one of these in your mouth and just let it melt down your throat. The all natural ingredients make these super tasty!


Cinnamon Pecan Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery – A new take on a southern tradition: Buttery cookies are rolled in toasted pecans and cinnamon for a delicious crunch. These are fantastic! The second I opened the package, That cinnamon aroma hit me and boom! Instant salivation! These cookies truly are delicious!


Chocolate Espresso Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery – Sophisticated, rich and mellow. Decadent chocolate with a kiss of espresso creates an indulgent treat. Coming from someone who’s not a big chocolate fan, these cookies are freaking good! Soft, chewy and delicious! And the Espresso is an added bonus!

All of the items come packaged in simple packaging. The bagged items have the zip-lock gimmick guaranteed to help keep your treats safe and delicious between snacking breaks!

I thought this was a good overall box. I love that all of the treats use natural ingredients. All of the labels list the ingredients as well as their respective company web addresses. I also liked the presentation. As I stated the simple and classic look is the perfect backdrop to the contents. It helps you get in the mindset that you’re about to experience something that was made by an individual, not manufactured by a machine.

Have you tried Treatsie yet? How did you like it? Will you be gifting a subscription to anyone else?


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