Carnivore Club: Father’s Day Delights!!

Carnivore Club: Father’s Day Delights!!

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  • $55 per month for the Classic Box
  • $85 per month for the Meat Crate

Coupon: Use code EATMEAT at check out.

What is Carnivore Club?

Receive an Handcrafted American Pine Iron Branded Keepsake box that houses 4-6 cured meats selections from top artisans. Within a monthly subscription box with Carnivore Club subscribers receive a box of themed cured meats such as: French Charcuterie, Italian Salami, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky.

New For June!

This coming month, just in time for Father’s Day, we’re featuring one of the most packed Carnivore Club boxes we’ve ever sent out. It’s six amazing meats with some interesting and unusual proteins – good news if you’re bored of just pork! – and the grand total weight is around DOUBLE the weight of what we normally send out.

#1 Venison Landjaeger – Landjaegers are an original Old World Sausage.  A Swiss style, ready to eat smoked sausage, they were an instant, high-protein energy boost. Enjoyable as a delicacy as well as a snack, they have the perfect balance of lean, wild flavor of venison and are smoked in a tender natural casing.

#2 Buffalo Summer Sausage – Buffalo meat is highly acclaimed: it’s a lean, healthy meat that’s high in protein. Enjoy this taste of the wild in a hand-tied, lovingly crafted summer sausage that is fully smoked and ready to eat. We suggest pairing it with some sharp cheese and a bold wine.

#3 Elk Summer Sausage – This delicious summer sausage is not only Carnivore Club approved, but has passed the taste test of real hunters who regularly get to sample their own cuts of elk and have proclaimed this some of the best-prepared, best-tasting cured elk they’ve ever had.

#4 Honey Ham Meat Sticks – Real Wisconsin pure honey is baked right into these delicious honey ham sticks.  Made from pork, ready to eat and slow smoked over natural hickory, a medley of premium quality, locally sourced ingredients.

#5 Buffalo Landjaeger – Crispy yet never tough and hand twisted into pairs still today, Landjaegers founded the Wisconsin River Brand. Smoked to perfection in a natural casing, the buffalo variety of landjaeger has more of that distinct, robust beef flavor.

#6 Elk Landjaeger – Like the venison landjaeger, this premium, carefully prepared elk meat has that taste of wilderness. Elk is just a touch more subdued, a good starting point for carnivores new to the experience of eating game meat. Delicious.

June’s Featured Supplier: Wisconsin River Meats

Sportsmen throughout Wisconsin and the upper midwest recognize Wisconsin River Meats as one of the leading game processors in the state. They process deer all year round and make a fabulous selection of great tasting venison sausages. They also process elk, moose, buffalo, caribou, antelope and bear for sportsmen and domestic game producers, and they cure and smoke wild turkeys and fish for anglers.

Wisconsin River Meats is most well known for its great tasting sausage and smoked meats, particularly their landjaeger sausage – of which we’ve included three delicious varieties. Their recipes are a time tested family tradition. We still make our sausages the good old fashioned way. Lean meats, coarse ground, hand tied and hickory smoked.


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