Bulu Box: 3 Months for $12!!

Bulu Box: 3 Months for $12!!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Bulu Box 

Cost: $12 for a 3 month subscription

Coupon: Get a 3 month subscription for $12.00 with code 3FOR12! That’s $4.00 per month!! (Expires 7/30/16)

What is Bulu Box?

For as little as $10 or less a month you receive  4 to 5 weight loss items! Some of the aides may be in the form of vitamins, supplement samples, or fitness instruments! You can either select the Weight-loss Box (which I subscribed to) or the Bulu Box for your subscription and alter them at any time! A great plus to the box is their point system which allows you to redeem points for full size products, which just for reviewing you can get up to$5 to $6 to redeem for full sized purchases!

What do you think about this special promo from Bulubox?


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