Fortune Cookie Soap: ANTICI…PATION Restock this Friday 12n CST!!

Fortune Cookie Soap: ANTICI…PATION Restock this Friday 12n CST!!

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Fortune Cookie Soap

Cost: Varies


What is Fortune Cookie Soap?

Fortune Cookie Soap started from a passion for safe, unique, bath + body products by its founders and picked up serious steam when the owner of a chain of Bath and Body stores discovered and contracted them to make products for his stores. Driven by a diverse, creative team, who is willing to take on the challenge of translating any idea into a soap product, Fortune Cookie Soap sells their staple products as well as fulfilling custom orders with 100% satisfaction as their goal. All of the products are handmade in small batches, so if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture, don’t worry, you’re getting a top of the line product.


Back by popular demand! The top 5 products from the ANTICI…PATION collection will be available this Friday! This will be a 48 hour pre-order format, with up to two week lead time.

JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT Foaming Sugar Scrub (Pre-Order) - Fortune Cookie Soap

JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT Foaming Sugar Scrub – $6.99

With a bit a scent sniff, you’re into a time slip and nothing can ever be the same. You’ll be spaced out on sensation like you’re under sedation of our foaming sugar scrub.

Sweet and tart, this delicious blend captures the fruity fun of bananas and coconut milk with tart gooseberries and a squeeze of fresh lime.

TO USE: Massage onto skin with warm water. This is a water activated product and works best when vigorously lathered. Rinse to reveal your new glowing skin!

JANET Whipped Cream (Pre-Order) - Fortune Cookie Soap

JANET Whipped Cream – $10.99

Damn it Janet, I smell good!!!

Juicy grapes and shaved watermelon blended with sparkling club soda, topped with a dollop of fresh vanilla cream.

Tell dry skin to “beat it” with our best selling Whipped Cream! Seriously.

TO USE: Whip your skin into shape daily. With this cream, my friends, less is definitely more.

HOT PATOOTIE Bath Bomb (Pre-Order) - Fortune Cookie Soap

HOT PATOOTIE Bath Bomb – $7.49

Whatever happened to Saturday night? Hot patootie, bless my soul, I really love that BATH BOMB!

Iced blackberries, fresh plums and sensual jasmine, surrounded by leafy greens and vanilla amber.

GOLD SHORTS Roll On Perfume Oil (Pre-Order) - Fortune Cookie Soap

GOLD SHORTS Roll On Perfume Oil – $7.99

Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab — we’ve been making a scent with gold mica that will make you glisten and gleam, oh honey!

Wild strawberries, sticky caramel and oak, dusted with sugared musk.

CREATURE OF THE NIGHT Facial Cleansing Oil with Charcoal (Pre-Order) - Fortune Cookie Soap

 CREATURE OF THE NIGHT Facial Cleansing Oil with Charcoal – $16.99

Smell-a, Smell-a, Smell me. I don’t want to feel dirty! Thrill me, chill, me fulfill me, cleanser of the night!

A magical blend of cotton candy & lemon drops, slithering with caramel & raspberry jam, with wild lavender lurking in the background. AKA Prince Valium

  • Gently removes dirt and make-up with no oily residue
  • Helps keep skin soft, clean, and beautifully nourished
  • A gorgeous blend of all natural oils that gently cleanse and soften skin
  • Activated Charcoal acts like a magnate to absorb pore-clogging dirt and impurities
  • Formulated with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS and is never tested on animals

TO USE: Pump a small amount into your hand, rub hands together, apply to face in circular motion. Wet hands and gently massage product onto face, rinse and gently pat dry.

What do you think about Fortune Cookie Soap?


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