Green Kids Crafts: Halloween Science Fun and Learning!

Green Kids Crafts: Halloween Science Fun and Learning!

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Green Kid Crafts 

Cost: $19.95 per month plus $3.00 Shipping within U.S. and $8.00 to ship to Canada.

Coupon: Use code BOO10 to save $10 off all shop orders of $25 or more! (Expires 10/16/16)

What is Green Kid Crafts?

Craft subscription boxes for kids allow your children to share their love for art, discovery, and of course creativity. Green Kid Crafts earth friendly activities Green Kids Crafts not only spark creativity in the minds of our children, but they also create a natural respect and love for the environment. Recently, Green Kid Crafts acquired Appleseed Lane so they could expand their STEM offerings!

Each box will have a particular theme and they all will include all the materials to create kid friendly activities. Once completing a basic profile on your child, your child will be able to experience their own mailed gift of adventure! Please keep in mind that it is not just one kit your child will receive, but 3 to 4 in one Green Kid Crafts boxes. I think this is perfect for play dates, or having a spare when you might have your turn with babysitting duty (niece/nephew, grandchildren…etc).


Did you order your Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box? If so, how did you like it?

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