Winter 2017 Beautycon (Quarterly/Seasonal) Subscription Box

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Cost: $29 per season

Ships: Every Season/ 4 times a year

Coupon: for 10% off use code thesub10

Description: get a box of $100+ beauty and lifestyle products guaranteed 4x /year.

I received this Winter Beautycon box courtesy of Beautycon for my honest review.

The box is definitely more detailed than most beauty boxes! With tips for unboxing and the checkered mailer.


Love the wrapping paper and all the detailed work put in this box!

Inside is a description card of the contents included.


OMG….This box is full of full-size goodies!!!!


Rimmel London The Only 1 in Call Me Crazy (RV $7.99 )

A Warm Vibrant Orange Red that is in an all-in-one formula, providing: long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear. I’m not a fan of the shade, butthe formula is phenomenal!
Chocolate Soleil Bronzer by Too Faced (RV $7.99)
Won’t go into detail since this is already a cult favorite for many! But can I just say the scent is so dreamy!
Lippie Stick in Beautycon Pink by ColourPop (RV $5)

A ColourPop x Beautycon limited edition lippie is the perfect pink and can be layered!
Illuminati Highlighter by Artist Couture (RV $14)
A shimmering glow powder with a light silver and champagne iridescence. I love the versatility of this stuff, which stated it can be used on your face, eyes, lips and body!

Micellar Water by Garnier (RV $5)
Micellar Water is a gentle multi-purpose water-based cleanser that provides a decent cleanse without all the rubbing. Not recommended for waterproof or water-resistant formulas.
Loreal Volumizing Primer (RV $9) & Voluminous Feline Mascara (RV $8)
A best-selling and most recommended eyelash primer. The trick is to let the primer dry before applying! Wasn’t a fan of the mascara’s formula but it’s useable on those not so humid lazy days I have every so often.
Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush by Luxie Beauty (RV $24)
Thanks to Ipsy, I am familiar with the phenomenal cruelty-free, vegan beauty brand. I have several of these brushes that I have been using for years!


SkinVolve Body Karate Cream (RV $40)
Pumped with caffeine and Argan oil this potent cream improves skins texture while assiting in circulation.
Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate (RV $24)
The best-selling exfoliating treatment uses fruit enzymes and scrubbing power to help skin through winter blues. Love this exfoliator!

Botanic Fiber Facial Mask (RV $5)
The BioBelle brand is popping up in several beauty boxes lately. I use these one-time use, travel friendly, emolliant packed mask as a pretreatment masks for my weekend regimen.

This mask smelled glorious as I slapped it on and waited 20 minutes for my skin brightening treatment to take effect!
All-in-all the value seems to be worth it looking at the retail value which is approxiamately $140+. I found just a few of these items at a lower cost but the value still seemed to be above the guaranteed $110 value!

For $29 for $140 worth of beauty finds that are more than just useable I say this is a great deal. However, the value really would depend on the individual subscriber. For instance, if I only end up using 3 of the low costing items and not gifting anything than this would be a no-brainer…the value wouldn’t be there. In my experience, I look at what can be used, gifted, andjust tried… if it is something I would have bought anyways then it goes in the use pile. If it is something I never would even dare to try well… sorry friends and family but it’s gifted. Even if I already have several and the stuff expires soon…gifted.
The value for me was beyond reasonable since every item in this box was used and not gifted!!!
What do you think about beautycon ?

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